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Ions Can Be Bound Molecules Or Atoms That Contain An Electric Charge And Exist in Nature in Various Sizes. Small Ions Last Only 30 to 300 Seconds Before Losing Their Charge, But Are Extremely Active. In Nature, Negative Ions Are Generated By Processes Such As Sunlight, Lightening, Waves From The Ocean, And From Waterfalls. “Concrete Jungles” Minimize The Natural Production Of Negative Ions By Disrupting The Delicate Electrical Balance Between The Atmosphere And The Earth. Crystal Clean Air Purifiers Recreate Them With Electrode Pins (“Needlepoints”) To Electrically Produce Negative Ions. This Method Produces A Density That Is Many Times Higher Than The Negative Ion Level Found At Niagara Falls, The Highest Natural Producer Of Negative Ions And One Of The Healthiest Environments In The World.”  

Crystal Clean Personal Ionizer Creates a Personal Ion Bubble Within 3 Feet of The Ionizer. You Can Wear it Around Your Neck, Place it On a Table, or Use it With The Vent in Your Vehicle. Protect Yourself From Airborne Viruses, Covid 19, Bacteria, Odors, Mold, Mildew and More!

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Personal Air Purifier Or Ionizer Necklace. This Small Ionizer Releases Negative Ions To Charge Particles And Germs Forming Small Clusters That Fall To The Floor Or Stick To Walls And Curtains By Electrostatic Effect. This Is How We Breathe Clean Air. The Portable Travel Air Cleaner Keeps Germs And Viruses Away From You.
Makes a Gift:

Makes A Great Gift For Loved Ones, For Children, For Students, Family, Friends, Use It In The Work Place, Trade Shows, Closed Spaces, Office, Etc. Protect Yourself From Virus And Pathogens.
Returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic may not feel normal, at least for a while. But having plans in place for safety and cleanliness, using Crystal Clean air personal ionizers, and thinking that schools have the necessary resources to keep children safe gives us peace of mind.
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This allows for “on the go” ionization, creating a flood of ions by utilizing the forced air of the heating & cooling to spread ions out throughout the vehicle.
You Will Still Need To Ensure Basic Hygiene, Regular Disinfection Of Hands And Surfaces, And Optimum Health Are Maintained. Physical Distancing And Wearing Of Masks In Poorly Ventilated Areas And With Numerous Persons Present. In Order To Be Completely Safe And Although These Devices "Reject" Harmful Particles, It Is Very Important That Basic Hygiene Rules, Regular Disinfection Of Surfaces, Change Of Clothing And Maintenance Of Physical Distance Are Strictly Observed.

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