Purex Fume Extraction Systems

Filter, Purex Labyrinth Pre-filter, Grade F8/F9 composite, Pack of 2, MSRP $338 (200i/400i/300i,400i-PVC, Domino DPX2000),

 Previous Single Part # 111097

Labyrinth F8/F9 Composite, Fume Extractors: 200i / 400i / 400iPVC Pack of 2 - Fine grade, composite fibre matrix delivers excellent particle capture capacity - up to 20 times more than a standard filter. (Previous Purex Part # 111097)

Extends The Life Of The Main Filter By Capturing Larger Particles Before They Reach The HEPA Filter. Graduated Fiber Matrix Delivers Excellent Particle Capture Capacity. Captures Particles To 1-3 Micron At Efficiency Of 60 - 90%

 Height 28.67 IN

Length 33.87 IN

Width 33.87 IN

Shipping Height 28.67 IN

Shipping Length 33.87 IN

Shipping Width 33.87 IN

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