2000i Digital Fume Extractor

This machine can cater for:

15 x 38mm Arms 

10 x Cleancabs 

10 x Cowls 

Reflow Ovens 

Wave Soldering Machines 

Lasers (Coding & Marking) 

Lasers (Engraving)

2000i Digital Fume Extractor

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All machines are available in a variety of voltages to cater for different regions of the world.

  • 400V

  • 220V


Digital machines come with the choice of vacuum or volume sensing. Vacuum sensing is for tip and arm applications. Volume sensing is for laser and machine processing  

  • Volume 

  • Vacuum

Laser Engraving Connection Kits

These kits contain a variety of flexible hoses, reducers, clips and other fixings to connect a Purex fume extractor to an engraving laser.

  • None

  • 100mm Engraving Kit [120287]

Main Filters

A variety of different combinations of filter media are used in Purex filters depending on the application. Air equalisation plates are used between the layers of media to further reinforce the filter housing and to distribute the airflow across the filter to ensure all of the filter media is used.

  • HEPA/Chemical Filter [110615]

  • HEPA/Chemical Cleanroom Filter [110632] 

  • HEPA/Twin Chemical Filter [110614] 

  • Chemical Filter [110610]

Pipework Connection Kits

Connects the fume extractor to fixed pipework. For example when multiple extraction arms are installed, when installing fume extraction onto a reflow oven or onto a centralised tip extraction system on a workbench.

  • None

  • 150mm Pipework Kit [120280]


  • Voltage (V) 400 (220)

  • Frequency (Hz) 50/60

  • Wattage (kW) 3.0

  • Length (mm) 725

  • Width (mm) 726

  • Height (mm) 1400

  • Weight (Kg) 150


Pre-filters are designed to capture larger particles before they can enter the main HEPA filter. Without pre-filters, the life of the main filter would be much shorter. A variety of media and designs are available to allow Purex extractors to be used in a wide range of processes.

  • Labyrinth F6 [202268]

  • Labyrinth F8/F9 Composite [202271]

Coding & Marking Connection Kits

These kits contain a variety of flexible hoses, reducers, clips and other fixings to connect a Purex fume extractor to a coding and marking laser or a continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer.

  • None

  • 51mm Coding Kit [100032] 

  • 51mm Twin Head Coding Kit [100039] 

  • 51mm Coding Extension Kit [100037] 

  • 50mm CIJ Kit [100027] 

  • 51mm Single Head Coding Kit [100043] 

  • 50mm CIJ Kit [100026]

Machine Interfacing Kits

Your Purex machine can control or be controlled by another machine such as a laser or reflow oven. Options include Remote ON/OFF and filter blocked warning signals. These cables connect the fume extractor to other equipment.

The cables have an 8 pin Lumberg Connector (picture right) which plugs into the Purex machine. The connector on the other end of the cable can be one of the following...

  • None

  • 4 Way Mini Bulgin [105097]

  • 5 Way XLR Neutric [105105]

  • 6 Way Bulgin [105103]

  • 9 Way D-type (female) [105106]

  • 9 Way D-type (male) [105107]

  • 9 Way D-type (male no volt) [105104]

  • 6 Way Lumberg [105096]

  • 7 Way Lumberg [105098]

  • Bare Wire Cable [105108]

  • Remote ON/OFF Switch [105114]


  • Automatic electronic flow control - maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks

  • Speed control (adjustable airflow) 

  • Clear and informative graphic display 

  • Gas sensor and particle sensor on the exhaust 

  • Low capital and running costs 

  • Quick change pre-filter delivers longer filter life 

  • Submicronic (HEPA Filter) filtration removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns 

  • Activated Carbon Filters removes harmful gas 

  • Simple to install and quiet in operation 

  • Easy to relocate and precision made from stainless steel

  • Optional interfacing option